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Personal Loan

Personal loan passion runs deep in this man.

The Ultimate Personal Loan Crusader

Take a look at this insane person

He is a former U.S. Senator from the state of Georgia. He loves Prayer. A lot. He also loves the current administration. He is one of the few. What he is not a big fan of, however, is the personal loan industry. Read on to learn more about this loon and his suspect views on the concept and a number of other things. Learn why these loans are helpful and why anyone with half a sense of a mind should support them unconditionally.

His goal is to rid this world of the personal loan

Why that issue of all the ones out there? You just never know with these right-wing wackos. You have no clue what they are going to champion or denounce next. Anyone who tells you "intelligent design" or some such nonsense should be taught in schools, then turns around and calls an unsecured personal loan the Devil's work... just cannot and will not be taken seriously in our minds. Then again what do we know. .

We see nothing wrong with the personal loan in all honesty. Which leads us to the following conclusion...

That anti-personal loan fiend above IS THE DEVIL

He wants nothing to do with personal loan companies because he personally stands to lose the most if they succeed! Think about it. People who are experiencing financial hardship apply for payday loans to vanquish the Satanic creditors and evil debts from their lives for good. With a couple of hundred dollars in easy cash, they can accomplish this rather easily. So who in their right mind would stand in the way of such a thing. Check that. He is clearly not in any sort of mind, as evidenced by that picture. Still, who gets up there and opposes something as wondrous as a bad credit personal loan with such vim and vigor?

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