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Take my hand, we'll make it I swear / Whoa-oh! Living on a prayer! - Jon Bon Jovi

  1. Thank you, Jon Bon Jovi of the band "Bon Jovi" for these insightful lyrics related to the world of online payday loans. In addition to selling millions of cassette tapes and compact discs to long-haired, pretty boy, wannabe rebels across these United States, Jon and his fellow musicians have dedicated their careers to pressing causes. These artists have spent the better part of two decades increasing awareness about teen angst, broken dreams, bad medicines, and online payday loans. For their contributions to music and to our lives, we salute them here today!
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Now, as you sit back and reflect on the works and advice given by both of these fine Americans, consider how you can move forward with what new knowledge they have provided you. Maybe it's just a new way in which you view the world. It's hard to typify, but there must be some way in which quick online payday loans have touched you in a highly personal way. Get your filthy heads out of the trash.

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