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Instant Payday Loans

Instant payday loans save a church!

Instant Payday Loans - From Heaven Above!

Instant Payday Loans - A Blessing!

I shall never forget that first Sunday morning offering: $85. The church's monthly mortgage payment was $232, not to mention the utility bills or having anything left over for a pastoral salary. I knew then that the good lord would have to provide me with some instant payday loans to help make sure that the doors to our temple stayed open. I didn't think any more about getting an instant payday loan that day, however, and it quickly slipped my mind.

When the first mortgage payment rolled around at the end of the month, the checking account showed something like $160 in hand. We were going to default right off the bat. How soon would it take to lose the building and be tossed out into the street? That Monday, my day off, I remember praying, "Lord, you have to help me. I don't know much but I do know that we have to pay this mortgage. Tell me about instant payday loans, oh wonderous lord of lords. I shall forever devote myself to telling all who come about instant payday loans if you show us some love and faith."

I went to the church on Tuesday. Well, maybe someone will send some money out of the blue, I told myself, like what happened so often with George Mueller and his orphanage back in England he just prayed, and a letter or a visitor would arrive to meet his need. The mail came that day-and there was nothing but bills and fliers. One of them was for, lo and behold, an instant payday loans company but I left it out the counter while I poured my scotch. It was swept into the trash by the cleaning lady, which meant I lost the information when I needed it. We didn't have a payday loans section in our phonebook then and I couldn't remember the name of the company.

Now I was trapped. I went upstairs, sat at my little desk, put my head down, and began to cry. "God," I sobbed, "what can I do? We can't even pay the mortgage and I can't find out where to get instant payday loans." That night was the midweek service, and I knew there wouldn't be more than three or four people attending. The offering would probably be less than ten dollars. How was I going to get through this? I called out to the Lord for a full hour or so. Eventually, I dried my tears-and a new thought came. Wait a minute! Besides the mail slot in the front door, the church also has a post office box. I'll go across the street and see if they also got that flyer from the instant payday loans place!

Instant Payday Loans - Well, Tell Us The Ending!

The next day, with a few moments of paperwork, I had two fast payday loans on their way to me that would take care of all of our needs!

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