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Cash loans are the only reason this family stayed together! Read on and learn!

A Testimonial From A Reader Regarding Cash Loans!

A young woman's story of cash loans and love

Dear Payday Loan Prayer:

Just wanted to send you a note of thanks and encouragement to let you know that George and I are sticking with the plan, living out of envelopes with money from quick cash loans, and I am not carrying the debit card or checkbook! God has given me huge victory in this area with an incredible freedom and peace, but most noticable to me is that the feeling of "want" is gone!! All glory and praise be to God! Jesus has lifted the burden off of me with the help of instant cash loans and all that good stuff!

The first two weeks of living on the cash loan system were relatively easy. Learning to get the cash out of the envelope for gas was our biggest adjustment as we were so used to "paying at the pump". (Our kids, too, are doing very well with our new way of living. Olivia will ask me often, "Mom, do we have an envelope for this?")

We cannot begin to describe how easy and reliable payday loans have been for us to use and prosper as a result of. After we made it through the first two weeks and were planning the next two cash loans after we used the new paycheck to take care of the one we'd taken out, George and I cried with gratitude as it was the first time in our 10 years of marriage that we saved money and didn't live paycheck to paycheck or "borrow" into the next paycheck!

The difference this cash advance has made on our lives... I cannot even begin to describe it really. It is truly compelling and eye-opening. I am really seeing tangibly how God's ways and His program are better than mine. We are speaking out God's truth in Mark 4:8. We are planting our seed in good soil!

We are giving our tithe and offerings faithfully with much expectancy and joy!

I even told my sister about these loans. She says they rock because she too can be cool and live out of an envelope. She had really bad credit so she got some bad credit custom cash loans for herself too.

I thank you for not giving up on us and giving us cash loans advice repeatedly. And, as I am sure you hear many times, we are experiencing God's presence in our lives. In big and little ways, God is blessing our obedience with the loans that he offers us all. God has given me patience and helps me delay gratification. Needless to say, our marriage is much more intimate and sweeter than ever as we do walk in obedience and freedom in unity. And the cash loans will provide you with happiness.

God has been so good to us and I share with anyone who will listen about the goodness He has shown us with his lending.

Love To All Of You,



What happened for Cheryl can happen for you when you apply for our cash advances.

Bear this in mind the next time you experience a financial crisis of sorts.

Let God and some cash into your life with all cash loans have to offer.

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