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Bad Credit Personal Loan

Bad credit personal loan advice from He who knows best...

Does The Existence Of A Bad Credit Personal Loan Prove Nothing?

Intelligent design and the bad credit personal loan

Look. We here at Payday Loan Prayer believe that evolution is just one of many theories of how life came to be on this planet. We personally see it as deeply flawed, and feel that the alternate theory of Intelligent Design should be taught in its place... er, along with it. There are certain things that just can't be explained by evolution. Take the personal loan for example. Did this just happen over millions of years? Of course not. It was part of a cosmic plan by the Creator Himself. He of wisdom, enlightenment and faith. He put us here on Earth and He put bad credit personal loans alongside us to provide fast financial relief.

The push for bad credit personal loan curriculum in schools

We are making a push to have our theory entered into secondary school classes in a number of backwards states as we speak. We will prevail -- we are confident of this, even if it takes years. Why this is not more obvious to the detractors of our educational movement, we will never know. But we will continue to find the good fight until the bad credit personal loan creation finds its way into educational curriculum across the nation. Rest assured, we will not back down.

Remember the Crusades? You have not seen anything yet. Powered by one bad credit personal loan after yet another, we will take our message near and far until it is embraced by His followers. Praise the Lord above, and sing his praises through the mountains and valleys. All shall learn of the glory of bad credit personal loan before we rest, and His words of debt and credit counseling will be the accepted teachings that are passed down in our nation's school systems.

Seriously. How can you possibly look at something like Mount Rushmore (above) or a bad credit personal loan, and say that it was all just boring evolution, nature or the work of man. You cannot seriously believe that religion did not play into this at all. After all, we are here for a reason, and think of all the glories that a bad credit personal loan can help our nation accomplish. This is clearly the work of something greater than any one of us can understand. Something as complex and magical as the bad credit personal loan cannot be the work of any but God Himself.

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