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About Us

We got to pray, just to make it today.

- Stanley Burrell, a.k.a. M.C. Hammer, a.k.a. Hammer

Here at Payday Loan Prayer (, we've taken this musical legend's words to heart. You've got to pray, just to make it in these crazy times. Unless, of course, you can hook up a payday loan. This site is dedicated to helping those that are short of cash live the American dream of acquiring money without working for it.

Just like a dream, a payday loan is not what it seems. It is a whole lot more, and a whole lot better. Where else can you receive a cash advance of $500.00 or more in just one day? That's what our affiliates can do for you. We lend you the money you need when you just can't wait until your next paycheck.

  • Sometimes, when you black out and bring home some girl from the bar whose name you can't even recall, and she robs you while you're still passed out drunk, you need some quick cash to get you back on your feet.
  • Some social engagements can't wait.
  • Some debts cannot be repaid with credit cards. Nor can you ask your family or friends for the funds to help you cover them.

We understand all of this. As certified industry professionals, we have seen it all before. Help us help you. Brighter and more prosperous days lie ahead for us all with payday loans.


Stan B.

Secretary, Payday Loan Prayer

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